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02-04-2010, 05:44 AM
I'll bite.

Short Term

- Lettting Engineer ground fortifications (IE: Phaser turrets, medical generators, etc) be built instantly when out of combat.

- Greater variations within each ship 'level', model wise.

- Better documentation. Seriously. Just get one guy to write more stuff to skills so I know what I'm getting when I click the "Add Points" button.

Mid Term

- Greater ground variation. More skills, less wait time, new tactics, better crouch camera.

- Less repitition. I want to be able to level to 20 without having to do repeatables, thank you very much.

- Better design. It seems that every new tier of ships has its own set of problems (ex: In the 11-20 level range, the cruiser is pretty much useless).

Long Term

I don't really have any long term goals. In fact, I'm against long term goals. STO has so many short term and mid term problems that focusing on long term goals seems almost criminal.