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02-04-2010, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by Boosafer_of_borg View Post
Can some of the people at cryptic please find a way to bad these accounts. I've gotten over 50 friggin messages since beta wanting me to buy credits for real world cash. I DON'T WANT IT AND I DON'T LIKE GETTING SPAM IN A GAME THAT I HAVE PAID FOR.

Thank you.
Having an economy in a Star Trek game for the Federation is not right in the first place. Once you've learnt to play you'll find that the energy credits are available in abundance and the sellers will make no money. The points that matter are not available for trade and can only be gained by playing the game, so no sales there.

I personally hate seeing people use swear words on forums or variations of them just to give some kind of shock value, its so imature and child like, almost as bad as the kiddies who use text type for their forum name but I would never waste the keystorkes to use a swear word.