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First, the chat is killing me. I donít care that someone@someone in zone 44(whatever that means) has to log for the night. How do I chop this down so I only see what is being said in the zone that I am in? How do I speak/type in zone chat?

Iím still a low level after two days of playing. I have gotten a few items that I donít need/want and Iím sure no one else would buy. Is there a shop where I can sell this stuff to? And if so where?

Last night I found the Boff trainer(s). Is there something like that for me? Would it be better to spend my ďtokensĒ<- not sure what they were called on them or me or both? If there is one for me will I only be able to use them when I move up every rank or every level of that rank?

Thanks for any info you can provide on the above questions