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02-04-2010, 06:10 AM
Originally Posted by fluhi View Post
That is why if in fact dual cannons are doing all thier shots 1 second and be able to fire again in 1 second they are bugged as they are doing 83% more single beam dps then a heavy and 150% more single beam damage then a single beam when they should be doing the same damage as a heavy just in a more dps style versus burst.
it may be a bug, it may not be, things where changed lots in the OB and tooltips weren't really updated as well.

The cannons/dual cannons do go into a 2 second toggle but all their shots are off by time a second cannon (1 second after pressing the fire first cannon button is pressed) is firing. And at the end of the toggle the cannons are already cooled down and ready to fire again.

The DPS amount on the tooltip is the amount they'd get if their total cooldown was 3 seconds, but the now get ready in 2 seconds... So yes something is a bit iffy but the mechanics are as written.

If they bump it up to 3 seconds cooldown a third dual cannon would be doable but there would be no difference between duals and heavy duals damage over time wise. So if things are incorrect the best bet would be to have them tweak the dual cannons damage down to coincide with the current cooldown.

Also point out that turrets fire off all 4 of their shots in the first second of their toggle and are back again at the end of the toggle.