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02-04-2010, 06:19 AM
While Transwarp is great, and I use it very frequently, it is a good idea to learn the Galaxy Map enough to be able to travel to the key sectors, systems and starbases. Earth is located in the Sol system (Sol is the name of our sun), which is located in the Vulcan Sector, which is in the Sirius Sector Block. When you call up the map, one of the tabs is labeled something like "System List". In that list you will often find the key Sector Blocks and Systems to which you want to travel. When you are in Sector Space, simply click (or it may be double-click) the Sector Block or System in the "System List" and your ship will begin automatically warping to that location.

So, given that information, there are three primary ways to get to Earth Spacedock from just about anywhere in Sector Space:

1) Transwarp - the fastest and simplest, but has a 30-min cooldown
2) Use the Galaxy Map from Sector Space, view the "System List", then depending on what is listed, choose "Sol System", "Sirius Sector Block" or another neighboring Sector Block - sometimes you won't see Sirius Sector Block if you are too far from it, so you will have to "leap-frog" from one to the next until you are near enough for it to appear in the list.
3) Determine which compass direction Sol is from your current location (your location is shown on the Galaxy Map as an icon), then point your ship in that direction and engage full-warp. A note of caution on this method: warping across Sector Block boundaries does not always put you where you would expect. It seems either random or it places you in the same common location in the new Sector Block regardless of which direction you came from. So just remember to check your location and heading after warping across the boundaries between Sector Blocks.