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02-04-2010, 06:23 AM
Short Term

1) Memory Alpha progression indicator

2) Banks, mail,exchange and general NPC on all major facilities.

3) Transwarp unlock for sectors

MId Term

1) Make groups of instances into different categories for players (example RP) that we can choose to join or exlcude

2) Voice over for officer actions and reports in game.

3) Diversify players further by adding more skills for each class at all tiers.

Long Term

1) More scenario types and more random mixing of elements composing a mission. Right now random comes under very specific set package choices (Genesis system)

2) Voice over for mission and NPC you interact especially on diplomatic or investigation missions.

3) Starbases and planets need less cloned NPCs (saw far too mnay twins walking alongside) and more variable architectural traits. Some fauna would be nice as well like birds or small animals and even herds in the distand future to give more flavour.