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02-04-2010, 07:58 AM
Powerhue needs to go back in. I get sick of people whining about canon. Guess what...customizable uniforms, ships and colors are not canon either yet you do it to your starship and characters all the time. Thousands of Borg Captains are not canon, nor are the thousands of Borg BO's MOST of this game doesn't follow canon.

You whine about pink phasers well guess what, any real directed energy weapon is most likely outside the visual range of human eyes too. So no colors at all, and in a real world no sane military would use a weapon that gives a visual line of site back to the person firing. Get off the canon wagon and give us back our Power Hue. Boohooo I can't tell what he is shooting at me....guess doesnt matter, whatever he is shooting at you is "Bad for YOU" mmkay?