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02-04-2010, 08:00 AM
this was stated it it would be removed by the dev's since beta. besides it did throw off and impacted the pvp play significantly. as to it made it hard to tell what weapons were being used. so you can put the right equipment on your ship to defend against that weapon type. plus it was stated by a dev that those alternate colors for the weapons was not approved by CBS as part of the license rights. so unlike Co which is an original game. this game is based on an IP and there fore does have restrictions on what can and can not be gone as per the license. this is one thing a lot of people fail to see and what make this game and how it will be run significantly different from way Co is run,

basically cryptic can do what ever they want to CO as it is their own creation and they own all the rights. but they cant with STO with out approval for certain things and have to operate with in their license from the IP holder which is not cryptic. example weapon colors, uniforms, basic ship designs ect. all have to retain a certain design and architecture of the star trek world.