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# 9 I'm game.
02-04-2010, 08:27 AM
Disclaimer: I just started playing last night.

  • Holster weapon when not in combat (why am I rocking out with my phaser out on a starbase)
  • Lower costs to rename a ship or apply cosmetic customizations.
  • Edit the face graphics for communications. I hate that everyone is staring around the box like they're lost.

  • Better pathfinding for the away team. It's annoying when they get caught on terrain.
  • Fix the sequencing of transitions. Transporter beams, warp trails, etc. all seem out of sync going from area to area. This persists on lowest to highest graphic settings.
  • Open the door on the turbo lift and let me enter it before moving to the next area.

  • Reduce the size of ground based architecture. I understand that it has to be easy to navigate from a 3rd person perspective, but it's aesthetically unpleasant. Is there a middle ground?
  • Diplomatic/social missions. Give me dialog trees with special options that show up based on my level of diplomacy, telepathic/empathic abilities, and information I gathered on the mission.
  • Research starbases where science officers and engineers can use collected information and resources to work on new technologies. Queue up projects and have a timeframe for them to complete.
  • On ship missions. How many episodes out of each series was the antagonist something that got on the ship and had to be dealt with? Let me solve the mystery of an assaulted crew member or even patch up a professional relationship between two ****ed off bridge officers.
  • Social quests to get to know the bridge crew and improve their morale/faith in you as a commander. PCs could gain special "command equipment" that provide slight passive bonuses to bridge officers as a reward for getting to know and motivate the crew.