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02-04-2010, 09:30 AM
I find the trick to being the tank is balancing the 'dont die' buttons with the 'appear to be killable' impression.

If your glowing green, any competent team stops shooting. If your shields flake off fire like its nothing, competent teams stop shooting.

If you get your shields ripped up, and loose have your hull, they wont let you go for anything...

Ive tried doing something similar to what you describe, only using Science Team in the place of polarize hull (as I find that being shield less means instant death for me in my BOP). Im still working on getting the hang of the whole 'appear vulnerable, but dont die yet' thing. Mostly by blowing up with defensive cooldowns still unused.

One NEAT trick, though... if your the tank... dont decloak and start shooting first (theyve learned the first one out of cloak is the tank). Have your buddies hanging back with a plan, and then fly into the fed ball in cloak. As soon as one of them finds you, uncloak and hit your dont die buttons.

If you stay above or below them, the first shots you take wont be torps, so you can have your screens up before the torps come in. The first person to see you is almost always the science officer with full aux, rather than the tricked out escort with full wpns, so those first shots dont really hurt.

But a fed ball that thinks its 'caught a Klingon in cloak' will be so eager to punish your temerity, and so proud of themselves for having caught you, that they dont want to let you go for anything, giving your friends more time to tear them up before they finally switch targets.

Of course, the feds are doing exactly what they SHOULD do, by focusing on the 'caught' klingon. Your just arranging it so that they see what you want them to, and then punishing them for doing exactly what they should do, IF the situation was as it appear to them.

This game is growing on me as it gets more psychological and less twitch.