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02-04-2010, 08:41 AM
Khitomer Fleet is a newly founded Fleet. We are a small group of people at this time (5) of us coming over from another game. We have ran guilds in UO and WoW that had several hundred members, and still managed to maintain a family feel. Our past experiences have taught us that a guild is all about it's members, and we strive to gather mature good natured members who can take pride in helping to build something up.

We will try once more in STO to make a Fleet that it's members can take pride in being apart of, and actually feel like they are apart of something, and not just a member of a chat channel. We typically end up with couples and those whom are 30+ because of our play style. While we don't discriminate against age, we do expect our younger members to be mature and self reliant.

Basically to put it simply we aren't trying to make a large Fleet or "THE" Fleet, we are trying to make a Community of friends that enjoy gaming with one another, and build true friendship.

We are Casual to semi hard core, we do not demand play times or set play styles, but we are active players with families, (have 5 kids my self) and know that people cant always be on at x time for x Fleet Event, and therefore try and plan things more fluid when we can have more members participate.

Whether you choose us or another, I wish you luck and happiness with your choice, as it's often the choice of a good guild that makes a truly remarkable MMO gaming session! There are no shortage of good candidates out there.