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02-04-2010, 09:42 AM
Short term:

1. Miniskirts. Yes, I'm a pervert and I like my eye candy and I'm not ashamed to say so. I wont hide behind "Lt. Uthra wore a skirt, why can't my officers?!" or "The Star Trek canon says they exist." Now that that's out of the way;
2. AI Pathing: This I'm sure has been brought up, but the AI officers get caught on doors, boxes, flora, etc. far too often.
3. Officer down: If one of my team mates or myself goes down, there should be some way to make resuscitating that person a priority. As of yet, I keep spamming the call for help button in the hopes that it will glitch and reach one of my officers.

Mid Term:

1. Ship Renaming: Why does this cost anything again?
2. Promotions: I don't think that I should have to spend X amount of points in abilities I'm not going to use just to promote an officer beneath me. I know that they have to "earn" promotions, but it irks me.
3. Quest dialog: Each quest should tell you what system in what sector in what sector block to go to. For example, one mission said "Go to Starbase 1." In hindsight, it's logical to assume that of course, SB1 is on Earth, but that's only AFTER spending a long time looking every place else for something with that name.
4. Quest rewards: I can't see what my mission rewards are once I choose to accept the mission, which makes prioritizing where I go dependent entirely on what I can remember, which, all thing and events in this game considered isn't very much.

Long Term:
1. Maps! It would be SO helpful to be able to zoom from the map sector I'm in to another sector block and see what's there from the galaxy map instead of blindly plotting from one sector to another and hoping the system who's location I may not know is in the place I'm headed. And while we're at it, why not have each system tell us what's IN said system! Treasure Trading station isn't listed on any map or anything.
2. Space Flight: See my sig. What do you mean I can't barrel roll? Or do a 180 vertical loop for that matter? Or even fly in a straight 90 degree angle along the Z axis? Sure, someone somewhere might get confused and ragequit because he forgets what direction he's going, but space flight bound to a galactic "ground" is... a poor decision.

There are more, but this will do.