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02-04-2010, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by Ankerin
Better yet Meat, just have eveyone on your team take those skills, so no matter who gets hit no one dies. And for god's sake equip cannons lol.
My DPS is pretty low. Having cannons wouldn't work for me, I spend most of my time staying alive and keeping other people alive. Cannons require focus on positioning to maintain a target aspect.

I also use beams because I support other people with target subsystems...

I generally finish a tier 2 fight with this guy and have >65k healing, and I'm not done equipping him.

Originally Posted by marcussmythe View Post
I find the trick to being the tank is balancing the 'dont die' buttons with the 'appear to be killable' impression.
Right, which is why I never pop it until my hull is going down. You have to wait until the fish is hooked to reel it in.