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02-04-2010, 10:34 AM
This is my setup. I'm sure there might be better ones, but this is the one im must comfortable using in T2.

I use a BoP with heavy plasma cannons + torp. BO's are: High Yield Torp, Rapid Fire, Polarized Hull, and Emergency Power to Engines.

Pretty straight forward. Pick a Escort, roll in poping high yield at 10km, rapid fire and polarized hull at 7km. Break stealth at 5-6km and unload. If you are the one doing the inital run then you get maybe 2 salvo's off plenty to break shield and hit tank. This is very very important, on your way out always hit Emergency Manuvers and then emergency power to engines.

Against a well played fedball you will make the escorts cry a lot but will probably still lose because the PuG klinks are pretty awfull and will die a lot. If you have a friend, or two and you group up and go in at the same time its game over for any escort.

Hit and run makes for a longer game but it is imo the best way to win if you are playing against compitent FED.