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02-04-2010, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
Ground really needs a complete overhaul. Regular shots need to do more and special shots need to do less.

The regular shots on weapons do next to nothing, and the secondary shots kill in one hit if you are exposed so the entire fight involves cheaping the opponent to get an expose and then use an op exploit weapon to 1 hit kill.

We all know this, but I have to complain anyhow.

Sci guys with their stasis, rifle butt and palm strike, neural blast, stun pistols, lunge, legsweep, ... there are so many ways to lose control of your avatar in this game that once someone knows what they are doing in pvp, you spend most of your time unable to react.

"Losing control of the character should be rare or never."
the normal atacks do decent damage if you're tactical. My secondary hits for 140-240 depending on person, my normal hits for about 75ish (25-30x3 with beam rifle) and if I use supressing fire, or neural blast, and close in on em, i just chop em up with my bat'leth.