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02-04-2010, 10:40 AM

My Main officer, Lt. Commander Commander, is a harsh leader given to fits of jealousy and envy with the effect being that he is rather severe with his treatment of Bridge Officers. He's even been known to advance on an enemies position without realizing that one of his Bridge Officers is down for the count.

So, as his bibliographer, I will list some important pieces of information about Bridge Officers, who Lt. Commander Commander considers as tools that allow him to reach his goal of sector domination.
  • Bridge Officers are extensions of your character and allow you to create a crew of helpful subordinates who give you capabilities exceeding your own. When crafting a character your bridge officers allow you to expand your abilities into other areas
  • Your Bridge Officers have Ground and Space abilities. You have Ground and Space abilities. The combination of your abilities and their abilities gives you options and a higher chance of survival. For instance, if you are Tactical and like to mix it up in Ground Combat, take a Science Officer with tricorder powers for healing.
  • If you like the idea of tanking in Space combat, have some Engineer bridge officers who can fix your shields and hull.
  • Before hiring a bridge officer take a look at their ground and space skills. If you do not care about their race then focus solely on their skills. If you care about how they look via their race, then get the race that you like and improve their skills by either having another officer train them or buy them specific skills that you are seeking
  • The tutorial gives you one bridge officer. Two of your first few quests give you bridge officers. When you get a new quest, before accepting the quest, scroll down to the bottom of your quest rewards to see if it gives you a bridge officer. That will help you decide which quest to go after first.
  • When you have a bridge officer assigned to your ship, if you hire a new bridge officer you can find him by clicking U then picking the assignment tab. You now have the option of accepting him into your crew or to train one of your existing crew members. Similar roles can only train someone from their role. A tactical officer can only train a tactical officer. By choosing train you are given a list of bridge officers that are eligible for training. The NEW skill will REPLACE and old skill so choose wisely. If you have spent any points into the skill that is being replaced, you WILL LOOSE those points.
  • Buying a skill from a vendor works the same way. After picking a skill you want you are given a list of bridge officers that can use that skill. Pick the officer and then confirm that you will be replacing an old skill with a new skill. Keep in mind that the skills are based upon their rank. The higher ranked skills are cool, but some of the lower ranked skills are extremely useful.
  • If you receive a Bridge Officer as part of a quest, and you accept them into your crew using the Assignment tab, you can Immediately change their uniform and name. You do not need to return to starbase to change their uniforms unless you miss your chance and forget to change it immediately. There is no cost to change uniforms the first time whether you are on your ship or in the starbase.