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02-04-2010, 11:56 AM
Ok i have done quite a bit of Fed stuff and only slightly touched on KDF. When i seen it was PvP leveling (yes I know, it was stated the KDF was going to be that way) and very little PvE was involved (or in the tame atm) I went back to the Fed side. But Know I'm leaning towards the KDF simply becuase the road less traveled appeals to me even if its harder. So are they any fan websites with some KDF info on quests etc.. Combat , no help neededed (well maybe alot needed but its operator error, this one does understand it, implementing effectivly, that takes paractice).

Some honest (and not always popular) opinions on KDF after playig the feds (only to T2).

I expected the KDF to be alot like Warhammer (everybody wanted to play the bad boys so PvP was always skwed to one side). But so far from my very brief stints in KDF space it doesnt appear that way. Unless all the KDF are leveling like mad and not in the lower Tier zones its much les populated then Fed space.

As for the reasons, no PvE is pretty hard to deal with after haveing non stop missions on the Fed side. I havent done a singel PvP KDF mission but it appears I need to "duel" other KDF players? Or are there just random PC controled KDF i can kill for these missions?

I keep hearing hte Feds have Bettter Shields , so waht is the KDF strength? The first Ship i got can turn much faster then the Fed one, but the weapons seemed a bit weak. Am i seeing it straight or need to play more?

just some questions if somebody has time to answer.