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02-04-2010, 11:07 AM
The ability to REMOVE the collar on Klingon uniforms!!!

It currently can only be set to "none" on the Alien species.

After that...
  • Klingon Eye patch.
  • Klingon "greatcoats" (the sleeveless long coats we see the NPCs in)
  • Klingon Sashes.
  • More variety in red-side armors (look about at any of the Swordmasters, Raiders, etc)
  • Gloves on women
  • laser-eye effect on borg eyes
  • liberated-borg BOs with the same eye options as my Liberated Borg Captain
  • Borg hands for borg captains
  • holstered weapons on hips, incl Daggers for Klingons/TOS MU
  • Enterprise uniforms
  • Space suits