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Experienced MMO, Vent capable and casual to Cheesy Poof Eatin Addicted mmo player seeks a Fleet that is relaxed, helpful (Not Hand outs or GUILD/Fleet Welfare for Noobs) amd somewhat tolerent of those like me, so new to this MMO that it is overwhelming my sense of security in the MMO world. I am willing to learn, listen to advice. I never beg for items or currency, believeing that half the fun is aquiring currency or items in a natural progression.
My Star Trek background is this. Loved original series but STS9 is my favorite. I am in a mixed marriage because my wife is ST:VOY Played a littel of the Beta. proud owner of Gamestop preorder so yeah, I have a Constitution Class Ship and DS9 uni's.
I am more of a Team/Quest kinda guy but I did quite well in the BG's of WoW.
I will be honest, this game is more difficult than I anticipated and the Hit/Miss nature of grouping has been a blessing and a source of great drustration.
I am perfectly willing to fill out an on line app or meet in a chat environment (In game or Ventrilo) for interview. You can find me at
Thansk for taking time to read this.