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02-04-2010, 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by Vuk View Post
  1. Cloak has a 20 s timer
  2. It does shimmer on cloaking , but this 100 or so years after TOS encounters so the tech should be refined.
  3. The Feds have always been designated as a defensive body .
Cloak has a 20s reuse timer, not a 20s duration timer (except maybe battle cloak, but I'm talking the initial cloak)

It does shimmer when you're cloaking, but I haven't (as a fed) seen any graphical indication that I was just buzzed at 5km by a cloaked battlecruiser on impulse.

Teah, the feds have been by lore a defensive body, that's why I said it was a personal prefernce. If that's how it's supposed to be, that's how it's supposed to be. Still doesn' tmake it fun (for me). I'm personally taking steps to make pvp fun for me, I'll have my raptor tonight. (would have been sooner but the tier 1 queues have been horridly slow)