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02-04-2010, 12:57 PM

For Question 1: Open your character sheet (type "U" on your keyboard) and your inventory (if it's not open yet, type "I" on your keyboard). Set it to the ship or person that you want to compare to.

Now mouse over the item in your inventory. It should show you two little windows: The left one is the item you have equipped and the right one is the item in your inventory. This will work for your self, your bridge officers and your ship. Just set it to the appropriate charcter/ship before you mouse over.

In the case of ships, if you have more than one item slot available (e.g. phasers, multiple engineering/science/tactical consoles) then you will see a pop-up window for each item you have. Now just pick the one you want and drag it into your character sheet.

You can swap equipment any time you are not in combat. If it's Red Alert, then you'll have to wait. You don't need to return to spacedock.

Note that you can equip and upgrade your bridge officers! I got to Lt. Commander before I noticed this. Doh.

For Question 2: Usually you gotta kill them all before you can safely scan. There are exceptions:

A. Blind the one shooting you. Now you have 9 seconds to scan before he starts shooting again. Doesn't help if more than one ship is shooting at you.

B. Try not to be noticed. Keep your distance from the enemy until after you have scanned.

Good luck and play nice!