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02-04-2010, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by USS-Andromeda View Post
I prefer the Episode missions because the story is like Star Trek shows. Sure there are some cheesy episodes, but all in all I log in to see what's the next episode. I also love patrol missions too, nice and quick in case my commanding officer (wife) wants me to do something else, I can at least get part of the patrol done and AFK fly to the next one.

Fleet Action loot is almost non-existent. I made #4 on DPS and got nothing. /sigh
PvP I'll admit I haven't tried, don't want to embarass myself yet.
Exploration is fun, but seems slower than patrols. It brings me a sense of wonder to do them, though. Just not effective for loot/SP.
I think you and I share the same sentiment as well. I just can't get enough patrol missions! i love them!
The episodes are fun too, I just need to make sure before i start one that i have an hour of spare time.