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02-04-2010, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by Lx31
So I'm in a pvp match and we are having a bunch of fun ambush and solo fights until the feds realize they are down and the score is 8 to 4. Then for the next 20 minutes the feds all get into a ball within 3km of each other, turn on auto fire, and spam mines so none of the Klingons have a chance of pvping without a total slaughter. It's total griefing the Feds can just sit there afk in a ball with autofire on and it's a free I Win button for them.

Auto Fire needs to be removed, Friendly fire turned on, and longer cool downs for mines to help prevent fed griefers in the future.

Its not griefing.

Stop giving klingon players a bad name with your misinformed assumption about the game.

k thks