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02-04-2010, 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by Terminal-Access View Post
Currently the search function for the exchange dose know how to wild card, by that i mean search for a word or string of words that can appear in any order in an items description.

When you run a search query containing more than a singe word the search engine assumes that each word comes after the next in the items description, so to look up spersific items you can use the following:


Combat Impulse Engines MK IV

Search will return thease if you use the following


Combat Impulse

Impulse Engines MK IV

Combat Impulse Engines MK IV

also to limit your returned results you can filter by Player level )

Thease will return the following:

Any rank: Items MK I-X
Lieutenant: Items MK I - II
Leiutenant Command: Items MK III-VI
Commander: Items MK V-VI
Captin: Items MK VII-VIII
Admiral: Items MK IX-X

i could be wrong on a few of those.

and then thers the rarety
Any: Common-Very Rare Items
Common: common items only
Uncommon uncommon items only
Rare: rare items only
Very Rare: very rare items only

Personal rule of thumb when searching on the exchange, i never search within spercific categorys, i always search all categories and use the aforementioned filters to limit the returned results

[Update OP] when viewing the results of a search query in the exchange, change the font color for uncommon, rare and very rare items so they can be seen at a quick glance rather than having to hover over them[/Update OP]

Thanks for the info. This seems to help a whole lot. I'll be sure to write this down for reference.