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02-04-2010, 03:01 PM
Originally Posted by Raximillian
I hate clickfests... Shields should be treated differently all together... What was that other game? I forgot the name, but it had an awesome shield balance mechanic.

Basically, you had a little marker that you place anywhere over your ship and shield indicator. If it is in the middle, then it tries to keep all shields balanced. If you move it to the front shield, it tries to keep the front shields at 100% before charging the other shields. If you move it to the back, same thing with the rear shields. You could also move it to the front-right, so it keeps the front and starboard shields up, or just move it up a bit from the middle, so it favors the front shields, but does not leave the side shields without charge.

That would make shield management and reinforcing more tactical. Escorts can keep their front shields reinforced, or whatever combination you like and without making this another click fest!!! Cryptic seems to love button mashing, but I hate it. Fix this, and add autofire!!!
That sound like an awesome mechanic! But well, my only real problek with the Distribute Shield Power mechanic is that it basically enforces even more button-mashing (i.e. spam the same button over and over)...