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02-04-2010, 03:03 PM
I have done extensive testing with tribbles in my fleet (we have had 100's at one point). Here's my observations:

- They do not breed in the fleet bank, no matter how hard we've tried.
- They do breed on your belt, if both food and a tribble are on the belt.
- They do not like Klingon food. I put 5 tribbles with a stack of gagh in my bag and after a full day I had 5 tribbles.
- They do however *LOVE* Quadritricale. I put 5 tribbles in my bag with a stack of 5 quad and within 15 men I had 15 tribbles.
- They dislike Klingon bridge officers and scream everytime the BO brings them out.

Love the FAQ, thanks for posting it