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"Charged Particle Burst I"
Lieutenant-grade Science ability
Does moderate damage (to? across?) all shield facings with a 5km radius, scaling with aux.
(I hit for about 700 at max aux with poor skills on my Stargazer.)
Disables cloak for 12+ seconds
30s recharge at level 9

Mash a speed boost towards where the Klingons are probably sitting and pop the ability. Watch the gank squad dissolve into panic as the Feds alpha strike unprepared escorts. Chase down fleeing BoPs and make them cry.


What really sold me on this ability was when my mostly-organized Fed team and a seemingly organized Klingon team were locked at about 5/5. We were winning the slugfests because we had good mutual support (I for one had Extend Shields and Engineering Team III) But then they picked me out and did a full on Viral Matrix gank that was horrifyingly imba (ie, I died.) After I respawned they had mostly disengaged except a BoP that cloaked near the planetary rubble field just as I got there. I exited impulse somewhat near its cloak point, maxed aux and the burst revealed 3 Klingons including the wounded BoP. They did not have targets picked out and their fire was scattered and ineffective. Went to 5/9 and they just lost heart. I don't think they even got another kill after that.