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02-04-2010, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by doctor_volt
thats what i ok for me.
I'd bet money you are flying a Tier 1 or non-escort ship though.

My Tier 2 escort has me spamming like crazy (where's the tactcal officer on weapons? That's his job), whilst at the same time I manouver the ship (it's an escort, not a cruiser that sits there with the fat shields), and half the time I just can't fumble the half dozen or so specials I have access to. Oh and control shield power too.

Doesn't feel like Trek, more some sort of crazy whack-a-mole game as I try and hit the right button as the systems come off cool-down.

Actually I've got to te point where I will seriously look at putting a macro on one of my G15 keyboard keys - but I really shouldn't be having to do that