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02-04-2010, 02:59 PM
Originally Posted by Sir_Cedric View Post
After reading a flaming post about Trekkie carebears, I figured I would set the record stright. lol

So what do you cal yourself when it comes to Trek? BTW I said I was a trekker in the other post, but I am really a Trekkie. lol

1. Trekkie - Are often fans of the show but tend not to too heavily engage in the geekyer aspects of it such as conventions or creating their own uniform, righting fan scripts. Still likely to own plenty of DVD/PC Games on the subject buts thatís about it.

2. Trekkers - Tend to be much more devoted/fanatical and noticeably geekier, oftern sporting uniforms from the show in public with out much reason. Speaking Klingon to their friends (though most Treckies know the odd phrase her or there) and having hundreds of pounds (yes, not dollars) worth of Star Trek memorabilia.

Does that sound about right? Got this off the UD. lol

Again so what are you?
Interesting. I've always read that the meanings were pretty much the opposite of what you said. In the early days of the forum, there was a huge thread discussing this, and as I read it, the main difference seemed to become apparent: Trekkies don't much care about titles and Trekkers do.

In the other thread, it began to look like the Trekkers were just concerned about having a name that looked much cooler and less nerdy. Trekkies usually didin't care. My stance was it didn't much matter. You can't give yourself a name based on your fandom of star trek and not come across as nerdy to some folks.

Personally, I think Trekkies and Trekkers should stand together against the greatest evil known to fandom: Twihards.

That was a joke, by the way.