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# 8 Tech Support reply
02-04-2010, 03:02 PM
I did try the fix that I was told by the tech to do last night and it did fix the problem. I am just not sure yet if it's not just a temporary fix like many have said it was.

I am really just posting this problem so it can help others and myself if it turns out to be just a temporary fix.

Tech/Customer service reply:

"Greetings, For any "error decompressing data" issues, try this fix - Uninstal the game, Reinstall. Before running the launcher navigate to the install folder and inside the live folder you should find a folder call "piggs" Delete this folder. Now run the launcher in admin mode (right click and then "run as") This will redownload and patch the corrupted files, giving you a very clean install. Regards, Cryptic Studios Support"


Step 1: Uninstall game (This will not delete to you progress in the game because all that information is saved on the Cryptic Studios server.)
Steo 2: Reinstall the game, but do not run the game yet
Step 3: Open "My Computer"
Step 4: Open "C: (Local Disk)"
Step 5: Open "Program Files"
Step 6: Open "Cryptic Studios"
Step 7: Open "Star Trek Online"
Step 8: Open "Live"
Step 9: Delete "Piggs" folder
Step 9a: opinion if you are not the admin right click on the game icon, click on "Run as...." the select Admin mode.
Step 10: Start game which will start a 10MB or GB (It's a big file) patch download which can take a while. The should take care of any corrupt files.

If anyone tries this and it still does not work post your reply here and contact tech support 1-408-404-1714 (8AM to 5PM PST)

UPDATE: I have entered many anomalies since I posted this thread and have had no problems with fatal error and anything else, so far the game is running perfect. Except when the server crashes.