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I have been playing MMO's for must of my adult life. I started with SWG, Moved to EVE and now STO (I still play a bit of Eve though).

My buddy, which i was hoping would join me doesn't feel the game is quite up to par for him and is fine staying with Eve. Thats perfectly fine with me and i respect his decision. STO will not be for everyone. so i have decided to move on and begin the process of locating a fleet. I tried during Beta, but my posts were deleted duing the forum transition.

Currently i am a Lt Commander (level 11)

Here is what i am looking for:

--I am based on the west coast (actually, 10 minutes from Cryptic) and would prefer a west coast based team, but any team in the US would be fine that fits with what i am looking for below.

--I use ventrilo and would like to continue using it. Not a big fan of Team Speak. Also proper communication, a forum or website, would be nice but not needed.

--I am a team player (or try to be at all times) and would like to be a part of the same. PVP or PVE is fine with me.

--I am looking for a small to medium Fleet....I have been in big fleets/guilds before (50+) and sometimes you just get lost in the mix or clicks form and some people feel left out. If your a big fleet but feel you are different and have more to offer, please let me know as i will give you proper consideration.

--I like to play with a mature crowed (i am 28 with a family). I find it to be much more comfortable playing with older players or people at my age.

--I am not a role player nor do i intend to be. But i am a Lifer for this game.

--Finnaly, i like no pressure enviornments. Due to having a family i cannot be on all the time..also work interfears (hence the reason i would prefer a west coast team) with my game play. I just want a relaxed environment where everyone can come together to have fun...If it is structured with ranks thats fine too so long as the base principals are present.

I know this is a bit long and i apologize. Please feel free to post here if you wish, even if it is just a link to your website (i do not expect u to write as much as i have). Please do not PM me as my PM's are being spamed with people selling energy and it fills up my PM's quite fast.