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02-04-2010, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by Gardein View Post
I was hoping for better constructive thoughts to help design better gameplay for both factions. Instead I get absolute thoughtless garbage.

You do realize that in order to be effective this would take at least 2 ships alternating their scans. In a 5v5 that is 2 science BOs in a 5-ship fleet. Two less buffs/heals/debuffs.. At the first tier that is a huge loss to even an organized team. You just gave up a tractor beam, a jam sensors or something else which puts you at an advantage against your opponent. There is no way to close on an enemy ship which want to evade while doing this scanning which would keep your energy levels high enough for effective combat. There is no good way to keep the fed ball intact and give chase at full impulse to ships which are faster than your cruisers. Feds would be led into countless ambushes instead of their only option being to sit and wait.. and you think this unfairly penalizes the Klingons.
I think you're confused about who does what.

1) The scan ability to spot cloaked ships is a Science Player Character ability, not a BOff Ability. As well as applying a -33ish% damage resist debuff. Meaning all your weapons do more damage to that ship you revealed with it. The Science captain can be in any ship to use this.

2) All the BOff ability that reveal /disable cloak also do damage to either shields or hull and may add a debuff.

Charge Particle Burst disables cloaking device for xx sec, which also reveals any that are already cloaked and does a decent amount of shield damage. This it to every enemy in range.

Gravity Well - Reveals cloaked ships, and sucks them to it's center while dealing kinetic damage. Sort of like an AE tractor, doesn't prevent turning, but seriously slows a ship. I've been hit by this and had to go to 100 engine power and hit evasive to pull away from it.