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02-04-2010, 03:29 PM
Short Term

1. Alter the AI so pistol wielding enemies dont close to point blank range to fire pistols. It looks stupid, and makes targeting multiple enemies with an aoe attack very difficult. on the warpout/beamup synchronization.

3.Remove the skill cap! The skill system was designed with no cap so how is it logical to randomly put a cap on it?

Mid Term

1.Improve memory alpha. Add exchange/bank and give us some indication of our progress.

2.Fix the PvP reward system. Need restoration and buff/debuff abilities to give points based on how effective it was. Perhaps even points for damage taken with multipliers for length of time alive.

3.If it hasnt been done, remove the skillcap. Or at least increase it significantly. It severely limits what your character could do. We were told we would be able to do a variety of things well, given enough time and effort. I just dont see that being possible as is. And for the love of Roddenberry DONT CHARGE for a cap increase. Its insulting and low.

Long term

Get rid of skill cap. Players will stick around longer, and thus pay longer, if they can continue to improve their characters long after reacing the end game. With the cap you promote ppl burning through the ranks a few times with chars of different classes and then moving on to another game when they get bored.

Im honestly still not sure if this game will be around long term. I'm hoping Cryptic will realize that by taking on Star Trek they have taken responsibility for a major part of a HUGE franchise with some very serious fans. If they screw this up their credibility is going to go down the drain.

Still, theres hope. They do seem to listen to us, and what Ive seen so far is good. If they keep supporting it, and stop doing stupid stuff, this game could be HUGE.

The real deadline for finding out whether this game will last more than a year is the release of SWTOR. Im hoping STO survives. I really am.