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02-04-2010, 04:42 PM
Yep, there is alot I like about this game but really I agree it feel too much like a single player game with other hanging around.. there needs to be more interaction, more social.. more stuff to do other than grind. or at least try and hide the grind better.. not entirely sure how but I think it's a big deal, the shinny new toy could get rusty too soon if they don't change the way most of the way teh game is played right now..

sounds like a big job, and I think it is.. but somewhat nessesary.. I ran on my new treadmill every day for a month.. a year later I look at it and say I'd rather go to teh gym whith a few buddies instead, at least I can talk to them while I'm there.

Not to say this isn;t a good game at all.. just that it could get boreing fast.. for me at least it feels like it;s missing something..