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02-04-2010, 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by oplaid View Post
Actually I've noticed it's broken but in a different way...

In a few matches earlier today the cooldown was being reset magically without running its full duration. I suspected this had something to do with Subnucleonic Beam / Viral Matrix or some other ability that affects cooldowns but I cannot be certain.

Also, I do have some major problems with the games UI. Often, I'll press a hotkey to activate an ability and the ability icon on the skill bar will darken as if I activated the ability. However, it does not activate. This does not start the cooldown on the ability as you seem to indicate but it has led me to some situations similar to yours, where I think that I've used the ability and try to do something else only to find myself gibbed because it does not activate. This is exceedingly frustrating with all abilities because, for example, I'll hit Torpedo: High Yield and it'll darken and then I'll fire a Torpedo only to find that HY did not activate, forcing me to wait a full Torpedo cooldown before firing again and often leaving me with the enemy ship presenting a new shield face. Very very annoying.
I noticed cooldowns on some skills also being reset in retail. Dont have a scooby whats causing it though!

Your second point, there is a global cooldown between all skills of maybe a second. So you cannot fire of skills really quickly after another. You have to wait a second or keep pressing the skill until it activates. Not sure why they have done it this way but its always been the case.