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Originally Posted by HouseOfKahlan
The cloaking devices on Klingon ships should be left alone. Klingons just wouldn't be Klingons if that was changed. However what I would very gladly see is the addition of Orion, Gorn and Nausican ships on the Klingon faction side. Then it wouldn't be the case that one entire side/team was cloaked in a battle, assuming the orion/gorn/nausican ships were balanced to make up for the lack of a cloaking device.
I heartily agree on the addition of the other races' ships.

However, even without cloak coming into consideration, knowing the direction to the nearest enemy energy signature skill would be good in deathmatches and other forms of PvP. It is in for anonalies and objectives for PvE anyway for free. The same reasoning to include it for PvP applies here.

Cloaking before combat and to get the first strike would not be changed by a direction pointer skill. Even evading would not be greatly affected. Klingon ships can still outrun their federation counterparts in nearly every case. At higher tiers cloaking isn't anywhere near as effective as in tier 1 and 2. More abilities are available to mess with or better reveal cloaked ships.