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02-04-2010, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by Monthar
I've been saying this is a good BOff power for a while now. Just wait until you get CPB2 as well and have decent skills and equipment to make CPB2 do 1560ish and disable cloak for 23ish sec, while CPB1 does 1200ish and disables cloak for 19 sec. Since they have a shared timer of 20 sec, to prevent instant chaining, that means I can effectively disable cloak for 39 out of every 40 sec, atm. Oh and I still need to upgrade a couple of pieces of equipment that is boosting my related skills.
Did I turn you onto this or did you find it yourself? I thought we were talking about federation tactics and I said "Most of them probably don't even know about cbp..."

maybe you already had it by then.

Here's how good cbp is -- that is what I use from cloak on my suckertank. I uncloak and cpb, taking a big chunk of shields off. Even if they can't cloak, the ae is a kick in the mouth.

my sci guy is hazard emitters / cpb.

I start the fight with my engineer in the lt slot in tier 2 for rsp, then swap in sci guy for cpb until rsp recharges (3 min)