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02-04-2010, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by K-Lear
I have a silly question I asked everywhere and nobody can actually answer it right. what is the auxiliary power for, what does it power up. if i am in a combat setup how would it influence if i set it to 5 instead of 25. what would start behaving other than the way it normally does..
Auxiliary is for any BO skill that doesn't have anything to do with Weapons, Shield, or Engine. Hull Repairt, Viral Matrix, Tachyon Beam, Charged Particle Burst, Tractor Beam, Photonic Wave, Scramble Sensors, Crew healing rate, etc. And very important in some ways, turning rate. The basic power schema is 25 system is operational but minimally. Power allocation of 50 is 1x, setting of 75 is 2x, and 100 is 3x. Where X is a buff to the magniutde or duration of the the power effect.