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02-04-2010, 05:06 PM
I really like this idea... actually this is a NEED for a successful MMO.

I don't expect something right away however I would like to see content building (with player base?) in the social content area. I know these these types of things may stray away from IP, however an MMO business needs to cater to a varied audience.
Some examples:
The Holodeck has been mentioned many times in the forums (a lot of great ideas already out there, mini games etc).
Holiday at Risa - maybe pick a several week period of the year where special content is added to Risa. Beach parties, a jungle hunt, a pub crawl.
General Holiday content: Start small and easy... Valentines day (a secret admirer sends you a message to meet somewhere - go to location, beam down, you reintegrate as a Ferengi in a cupid suite (for 5 minutes) in the middle of your peers partying with free chocolate treats that make you do random emotes. )

A reward for giving your crew some downtime? After going on leave the crew's combined increased mental agility could provide a temporary buff to your ship.

Ideas abound in these forums...

Edit: Just read the Dev post above! Great feedback.... Thanks!