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02-04-2010, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by Continuum
Well if you want a vague dev post with no dates, that I can provide.

We are definitely not ignoring the social aspects of the game. We made sure there are quite a few places just to visit and hang out for launch (Vulcan, Andoria, Risa, Wolf 359, the bar and lounge in Earth Spacedock etc.)

This is one of the many things we are continuing to developing for the live game as well. We have plans for some more locations and some interesting things to do at these locations as well.

The 'things to do' aspect doesn't have to be brilliantly engrossing. In fact, it's probably better if it isn't. A minigame like darts, chess or checkers provides diversion while still allowing people the luxury to kick back and chat. Even better would be canon Trek games like tri-D chess or dabbo.

I enthusiastically endorse having additional 'costume slots' for civilian clothing, leisure uniforms (like Kirk's wraparound tunic) and full-dress uniforms.

A Trek trivia game in the bars might be fun as well as provoking some discussion. In context, I suppose it'd be a history quiz

Eventually, of course, we'll need the ability to build our own social spaces, in the form of space stations or colonies. But I expect that'll take a couple weeks