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02-04-2010, 04:21 PM
With regards to the original post, I would say I am almost getting to be a Trekkie; I love it. I was always under the impression that you were EITHER a Star Wars OR Star Trek fan, that has blurred for me now.

Originally Posted by PodSix

I like the sound better than "Trekker". "Trekker" always sounded a bit pretentious, like someone who "didn't want to be called a Trekkie".

For the record. I've owned half a dozen uniforms, collected resin castings off studio props, made my own props, modified toys, built models, customized models, written fan fiction, made drawings, blueprints, comic strips, and even a flash cartoon. I've held the position of the president of a fan club, vice president of two clubs, founding member of three.. I've held office on the regional level of an international fan club, I've edited newsletters, planned social events, and run and played hundreds of role-playing games. And in highschool, I made my own tribbles. In the years following I made my own commbadges, and latex appliances, and more. I've attended countless conventions, and worked staff on many of them.

The problem with the terms "Trekker" vs "Trekkie" isn't what one group does, and what one group doesn't do.. it's people who try to arbitrarily pigeonhole people based on whichever of the two terms they like.
Wow, impressive list, I bet you are popular with the opposite sex