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02-04-2010, 04:21 PM
I don't have a problem with the skill...but I think as long as we are limited to these "play date", battles in a bottle, this skill is gonna bone us Klingon.

I feel the current PvP constraints only distorts the natural useage and balance of many of these skill sets.
So many issues will the ability to exploit and spam very strong or effective skills, would find themselves properly balanced in a truely open and expansive PvP war environment. No ques, no claustrophic battles in a bottle, no silly TDM frag-fest death count downs to victory.

Instead, we'd have objectives, we'd have Feds with such effective anti-cloak skills, but the Klingons will have Fed player complacency to exploit. Fed anti-cloak skills would be balanced by player discipline...Klingon cloak balanced by smart utilization and target selection...all balanced by patience by either player.

It'll be through purposful, open PvP war that most issues of PvP will find balance. Fed balls would be just effective, but it can't be everywhere or auto populated to oppose the enemy's numbers if there is no que. The cloak can't be used to "stall" objective based content.

The current PvP design constraints is the biggest contributer to most PvP dysfunction.