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02-04-2010, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by nzdeathtoall View Post

Wow, impressive list, I bet you are popular with the opposite sex
I just want to throw this out there, to ease the hearts of many Trekkeries out there. When you get to your mid to late twenties, and you start to drift away from the mentality that dominated your psyche from age 13 onward... you discover that the grownup world is actually a much easier place to be a nerd AND be a cool motor scooter, Sam Jackson style. That's when life starts to get very grand.

nxdeathtoall, that wasn't a dig toward you, by the way. I know you were just kidding around. I just used the comment as a springboard to offer comfort to any young nerds out there that worries the stigma they have now will follow them to adulthood.