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I ordered the collectors edition from Eb games online and also got to play in beta because of it.
Theres supposed to be a C store in game... that has the bonus items...

Im looking for the blue phasors and the ship.
I was supposed to get them but havent figured out how to claim them yet.

Other ppl are saying in game that they got thiers, and that it was under the special tab in c store.
My special tab is blank.
I have the option to buy a ferengi and a klingon but no blue phasors and no ship.

WHy is this complecated.
I entered the key from the CE set.
Also I paid for the preorder offer 12 month sub.

When I installed the game it said 30 days starts free... do i have to wait for that to expire and the 12 mo to kik in????

heres .
Star Trek Online
Download Game Client
Activated Features
Star Trek Online - Preorder
Star Trek Online 12 Month Subscription Preorder

This is a cut and paste from my activatted features here on the sto website?

So does anyone know how im supposed to activate the blue phasors? and claim my bonus?
Was my collectors edition somehow screwed by ebgames?

Who should i be bothering? STO or EB GAMES? tired.... any merciful soul that knows please post a reply..