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02-04-2010, 06:52 PM
Now that I am about halfway in to T3, I find, other than the initial stalk at the start of a match, I do not bother to turn on my cloak again. If am finding more and more that beam weapons are seeing through it (or the auto-targeting is at least) when an egress is underway and will continue beam damage until I reach 15km away (when I CAN reach 15 km). Once the cloak goes down, I start using the better maneuverability and speed of my BoP and the defensive BO powers to survive rather than cloak. I have also seen where Feds have gone into MES and I have lost my tracking from my cannons, but another BoP with just beams has continued to target and fire on that same MES ship (while I cannot attack, I sure can follow where the beams are hitting for when MES autodrops to continue cannon fire). So right now, cloak does not really work for me at least after hostilities commence.

What I would prefer to see before ANY power changes or nerfs is a graduated award/merit/badge system for PvP matches. Too many times playing PvP I see ships that refuse to move off the hold points or cloaked on map edges. Basically they are getting awarded badges/merit/skill points for doing f-all but hiding.