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02-04-2010, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by Emn1ty View Post
Who ever said these balances had to be implimented gradually? Make quick changes during the time that work on the major overhaul is being finalized. Then release a large patch which corrects ALL known balance issues and work from there. Balancing later tiers and saying "screw you" to the lower is definitely a bad way to go about things. Those lower tiers are where players decide if they want to continue playing the game. If the lower teirs are horribly mismatched that may effect a player's subscription.
Name one game that is a sucess that waited months (and more likely years) to come out with a balance patch. For bonus points the patch actually had to work as intended.

Either or your point isn't backed up by much. WoWs early game is horrendous yet somehow there are enough people in that game to form a medium country.

Oh look at that they're obsessed with the endgame.

I honestly cannot think of a single game that was hampered into failure because the early game pvp wasn't balanced. Or even because the early game pve wasn't that fun. I can think of several that died because of the lack of end game things.