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hey guys....before i get into my problem ill post my system specs.

Im playin on an HP Pavilion Dv5 series laptop with an AMD Turion X2 Dual Core Mobile RM-72CPU 2.10 Ghz system with 3 gigs of system memory with ATI Radeon Mobility HD 3450.

Ive played both the open beta and the full release STO perfectly fine until about a day ago when the visuals seemed to get jaggy and colors (blue, red green, pink,etc) dominated the screen while i could see my ship and HUD perfectly fine. I can do spaced based missions relatively easily but ground based missions are a no go as i can barely make out my character, which isnt the case at sol system starbase.

My drivers for my card are at 8.4 and for some reason refuse to install the 10.1 that ive downloaded and saved to my system.

Can i get some help? Please???