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I very much so appreciate the ongoing changes and fixes that have been showing up as of lately however there are still persisting issues which hinder gameplay on the Klingon side.

One is while you've opened the borg tier 5 nebula, there is no quest to go with it. This makes it pretty much useless and we are still completely unable to get tier 5 exploration badges.

Couple that with the fact our mark 8 and 10 shield/deflector/engine PVP vendor on Ganalda is still bugged and only offers Admiral consoles instead of Admiral shields etc ( there is already another console vendor in place ). This makes it virtually impossible to obtain admiral level shields for Klingons.

On the note with the borg nebula, there should simply be a note when you zone in to just remove your shields. When a cube is involved , you will never have any shields. Its quite stupid and needs to be looked at. It is NOT fun.