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02-04-2010, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by NoOtherDestiny
I find it funny, until that last patch, the only BO rewards we could get were all Engineering BOs, go look at change notes for last patch. I call BS on this.

I have a "Blue/Rare" Science BO wit VM3. it came when i made my last rank, so it can happen... i still got a lot of {usless at the moment} "Blue/Rare" Enginners....

Yes i'm a Tactical officer, and Yes i used VM on the OP... I wish i took screenshots of how many times i used om him during one PvP match (just on because of the 1st PM you send me)... Judge_Bloodgood i will be looking for you in all PvP matches

Don't worry... I got a lot of love to give you.