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Lt. Commander Engineer in a Cruiser

Cruisers are designed to be the brutes in the game and soak up a lot of damage. They CAN be outfitted to fight, and they fight well while surviving well, but we are talking about their true innate roles so let's go with Brute.

What do you need to begin with?
  1. Good shields, the best you can buy. I always choose moderate shield strength and high recharge. The reason I do that is I use my Bridge Officers to improve their strength during combat but I want them to recharge quickly between targets.
  2. Stations are all about personal choices. I choose to improve my beam weapons strength (tactical), my crew recovery (engineer) and my sensors (science).
  3. Bridge Officers that lend themselves to my survival. My Tactical officer ALWAYS has High Yield Torpedoes, my Engineers have Shield buffs and Hull recovery, my Science officers have some power that stops ships from targeting me for "x" seconds.

My weapon load outs consist of two powerful 90 degree arc weapons in the front; usually a torpedo and a beam weapon. My rear weapons are a 250 degree beam weapon and a mine layer (a 360 degree weapon).

This combination works with my Cruiser play style which is aggressively defensive. My tactic is simple - make them come to me, auto attack while in a timely manner pushing every button that will keep me alive. The beam weapons and mines do their business and between my Engineer and my Bridge Officers the ship stays whole.

Turning is not as important to my Cruiser's survival as it is with an Escort. I turn, sure, but slowly because my ship is a big fat rhino. I know that and play to that strength by allowing my rear beam and mines to contribute to the damage instead of being an afterthought.

The real key is the survival of your ship. For instance, in a battle you will be bombarded by beam weapons which you can usually ignore if your shields have a great recharge, but the big problem is the torpedoes. When you see them coming click the shield bar facing the torpedo to strengthen it. That will mitigate the damage and drop a 150 damage strike down to 80 or so.

But it's the OTHER stuff you do that will save the day. Everything has a timer and you need to learn your Bridge Officer powers and your powers timers. If you are getting hammered Strengthen your shields, wait a couple of seconds for that to kick in then Spread their power effectively giving the weakened shields the benefit of the power from shields not being pounded on.

Wait a few seconds to see what happens then reinforce your shield and hit the science officer power that stops your target from shooting you, wait a few seconds then Spread the shields power across all shields. Now heal your shields again and press evasive maneuvers to improve ship functions and allow you to turn better.

I know, it's a button pressing mess but it's also exhilarating and don't forget that the whole time your weapons are chewing into your opponent. You WILL live.. .they WILL die.


Lt. Commander Science officer in a Science Ship

Science ships are a hybrid ship with a little better turning than a Cruiser, a little stronger shields than an Escort, and more Science stations than either Cruiser or Escort. Throughout history Science has brought us advances and advantages that help make our lives easier and better. In Star Trek Online the same can be said of Science Officers in a Science Ship.

They make your life easier and better.

What do you need to begin with?
  1. Weapons - You have two in the front and two in the back. I recommend a similar load out to my Cruiser load out with a 90' beam weapon in the front next to a torpedo (Plasma for the win!), but with two 250' beams in the back. At the right angle this gives you three beams and a big ass torpedo shot by making a very small movement of your ship's facing.
  2. Consoles - Again, my choices are similar to what I recommended for Cruiser. I like a tactical console that improves my beam weapons, and a Science station that improves the Deflector dish so my heals are better.
  3. Bridge Officers - This is where I am going to state a very controversial opinion. With a Science Ship you get two Science officers, one a Lt. On my Science ship I gave the ensign Science I and my Lt. the "don't-shoot-me" power and Science II. Why two different Science Powers? As a Science ship it is not unusual for people to HOPE that I can heal. With two heals I can keep myself alive AND help a team mate. The powers DO overlap however the second Science skill, that I didn't use, recovers faster than the first one so after about 15 seconds my other Science power is available.

Many people might think that I wasted my Lt. power by getting Science II but I don't think so. Last night I was in a small group and having two science powers came in very handy. I was a higher level than them and had better stuff on my ship. The enemy was not damaging me much but they were chewing up my team mates. It was really simple, and gave me a lot of pleasure, to heal both of them during a battle. I even got a thank you from one of them that took the time to check her log to see what saved her bacon. hahah.

The great thing about a Science ship is that it can fill so many roles. I play my Science Ship as a combat ship most of the time. With heals, strong shields, great weapons and a plasma torpedo I enter battle with little fear, ripping things to pieces. If it becomes too hairy I simply point myself at empty space to gain distance while cutting enemies to pieces with my rear beam weapons.

If you have never looked at the Science powers you need to. There are some that make me scratch my head and ask myself, "What the hell does that mean?" However, if one of the powers doesn't work out simply replace it with another power. What are you going to do with those lower level class points anyway? Improve your ship? Bahh, humbug. You'll be making so much money you can buy the best from the Exchange. Use those points to test out the powers !

A typical battle for my Science Officer is to enter combat from a distance using beam and torpedoes to wreck a ship. As it turns I turn to be parallel to it allowing me to bring my other two beams into the picture. There is a sweet spot, or I should say a sweet angle, that allows your three beams to all fire on the target. With the Science ships maneuverability keeping close to that sweet angle is pretty easy to do.

When you start taking damage spread your shield power out and that will mitigate damage to a single shield. If you are fighting something powerful use your Science Ensign power to make the opponent stop targeting you and firing on you. This only lasts about 10 seconds but it's 10 seconds of you shooting them and them NOT shooting you.

If your shields start to get damaged hit Science I and heal them. You'll be buffing yourself at the same time as healing your shields and then Spread the shield strength around: with your great shields and their huge recharge rate you effectively give yourself a full heal. Around 15 seconds later if you need it again then hit Science II.

Ok, that's about it. Keep shooting your powered up beams, High Yield torpedoes (Plasma for the win!), healing yourself and keeping the bad guy from shooting you.. and guess what? You win the battle. They lose.